Saturday, March 17, 2007

Headteachers in Academies

The ASCL union reports that many head teachers are losing their jobs in the new academy schools, because they do not fit the aims and ideal of the prvate sponsors.

Some people, will, no doubt see this as a welcome clearing out of the dead wood who presided over 'failing' secondary schools. Those people might also think that a market solution will obviously produce better than those who have been seen to fail.

Other of us migth not be so optimistic...

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Rewriting the Rules

According to yesterday's TES, the draft code for schools admissions has been altered since it was consulted on, on order to exempt Academy schools. The phrase 'admission authorities' has been changed to 'admission authorities for all maintained schools', allowing academies to argue that it does not apply to them, as they are distinct from 'maintained schools' in the document.

The fact that this has been changed since the draft version of the document was produced and consulted on by the government suggests that it was a change which was meant to go unnoticed. It also chimes in nicely with the increasingly-frantic Blairites' desire for 'permanent revolution'...I'm sorry 'irreversible reform'.