Tuesday, May 30, 2006

And so it goes on...

According to this article in the Yorkshire Post ministers have ignored their own guidelines to push the Academy Schools through. I'm not sure it needs any more comment...

A Trinity of Horror Stories

This article relates some of the more absurd occurrences at Sir Peter Vardy's Trinity School in Doncaster. These include:

A student being excluded for wearing the wrong trousers.

A student being excluded for walking the wrong way down a corridor.

A student permanently expelled for smoking.

In all, 148 students have been suspended this year. I, myself, went to a fairly disciplinarian school, and the difference with Academy schools seems to be that they appear to be excluding students (who in the past would have got detentions) in an attempt to bolster their results. Unsuccessfully, as can be seen in the post below.

Another intersting element to the article, was this:

"Last year, as part of a wider investigation, the Guardian revealed that the number of children eligible for free school meals at Kings, the standard indicator of deprivation, had dropped by more than 100 compared with the school it replaced, leading to renewed claims that it was cherry-picking pupils who were easier to teach."

I had missed this before, and will try to follow it up soon.

Students do not do better at Academy schools...

As if the venality and corruption associated with them were not enough, as if the sale of education to private interests were not enough, now we find out that they do nothing he help students achieve better grades. Can there possibly be any justification for them now?

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Rise of Creationism

This Guardian article looks at the recent rise of creationism in Britain, and puts it in a world wide conrext, as well as talking to some of those responsible.

"Of course, some fossils are older than others, but there are none that predate the first major catastrophe - which was the great flood that took place about 4,500 years ago." That there are people, trained ass geologists, in the world who believe this and are doingtheir best rto make others believe it is one of the reasons why we must start building academy schools of our own. They aren't oging to stop until they are forced to. Let's show them that our ideas are more appealing than theirs...